Chimney sweeps: on the rooftops of Germany

We care about your trade

As the collection market leader in the chimney sweep sector, many trusting business relationships connect us to a traditional trade.

When the Chimney Sweep Trade Act [Schornsteinfeger-Handwerksgesetz, SchfHwG] was introduced in 2013, we specialised in the realisation of claims from the chimney sweep trade. The sector profits from ETI experts’ ideal conditions for chimney sweeps: no charge*, quick, and uncomplicated. In the foreground is the processing of small claims without membership or annual fees. ETI experts now looks after over 2,500 chimney sweep businesses and there are new requests every day.

Simple transfer of claims

The transfer of claims is done easily via an interface to the conventional chimney sweep software. To activate the interface, contact us directly. Once you have submitted your access data, only one click is required to transfer the relevant claim.

Personal contact

For the chimney sweep trade, ETI experts has personal contacts available. They know the sector through their personal contacts and from over 300 events on the level of guilds and district groups. They are at your service for a personal conversation on location or by telephone, and would be happy to answer your questions.

* You can generally demand that debtors who do not pay contrary to duty release you from any fees incurred with us. You transfer this right to exemption (= payment of the debtor’s fees to us) to us. We try to exact your claim and our fee from the debtor. If that doesn’t succeed, without a payment from your debtor, we will not demand the fee from you. For you, our activities are not associated with any costs if the debtor does not make a payment.