Traffic and parking with car, bus, and train

Transportation fares

Being and staying mobile is very important – whether by car, bus, or train. As an operator of public transport such as buses and trains, you offer your customers a high-quality service. You in turn rely on the payment of transportation fares. Specialised in the transport sector, ETI experts ensures that you can credit outstanding receivables from unpaid annual subscriptions or other infringements.

Private parking surveillance

Parking offences on private parking lots are increasing. Do you provide parking spaces in business parks, shopping centres, supermarkets, hospitals, or residential buildings? We support you in claiming default charges from parking offenders. Your private parking surveillance pays off.

ETI experts has successfully specialised in the field of parking space monitoring in the traffic and mobility industry. Record the parking offender quickly and easily with the ETI park App – we take care of everything else.

ETI park APP – in cooperation with WINOWIG.

More information and details at www.eti-park.de

Public legal fines

In traffic, offences against the road traffic regulations are among the most frequent reasons for issuing tickets and fines. A holiday or a business trip to a neighbouring European country may also result in fines due to unpaid toll charges or speeding. ETI experts works in close cooperation with local authorities and police. As a collection service provider, we can collect from debtors on claims governed by public law within the framework of cross-border EU regulations.

Of course, we also take care of any further claims in the field of transport and mobility.

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