Address research

We have access to numerous databases

Good customer relations are the result of regular and reliable contact. For this, you need up-to-date address data for electronic and postal business correspondence.

If the address of your debtor is not known, we will search for you free of charge for a current address. ETI experts will find out from verified sources such as the residents’ registration offices and external and internal databases such as the address databases of mobile phone providers and credit institutions. In addition, we control the Infoscore Consumer Data GmbH databases and use them to access the public debtor directory to check addresses and creditworthiness.

We obtain information about the plausibility of an address and check in the Deutsche Post database to determine whether the person is known under the requested address. Of course, our investigations are always conducted under strict consideration of data protection.

After registering with us, you can access some of the databases manually or via an interface.

We will happy to provide you with further details.