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Success despite duty of confidentiality

It is becoming more and more common for patients not to pay their bills. ETI experts can support you with demands for payment of your outstanding accounts whether you are a clinic, medical supply store or medical practice. We will make you a friendly and fair offer, independent of what type of medical company you are. Our know-how in collection within the healthcare industry is based on years of experience and legally sound implementation.
We also show consideration to our patients and guarantee you absolute data protection. Unsuccessfully dunned fee claims that are due e.g. to doctors, hospitals or clinics from privately ensured debtors can be handed over to legal service companies for collection, even without the permission of the patient (debtor). This is neither an illegal nor criminal breach of the medical duty confidentiality. The pursuit of legal interests represents a recognised justification. Jurisprudence and the opinions of diverse medical associations confirm this.

» Legal opinion | collection in the medical industry (download PDF)

We would be happy to give you non-binding advice, above all with regard to the issues of “medical confidentiality” and “transfer of billing data”. Contact us.