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Fair play on all levels
ETI experts, based in Cologne, is firmly established in the collection business with growing market shares. For over 15 years, our company has stood for reliable, economical, and at the same time fair collection procedures
More than anything else
At ETI, all sectors benefit from high-quality service and customer-friendly conditions. We exclusively work at our own risk and are proud of a high success rate.
Trust in ETI
ETI experts is active in the most important sectors. The processing competence of our specialists and the latest technical standards attract a wide range of companies and businesses in the craft trades.
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How order suddenly reigns in the parking lot! Peter Häfele is the store manager of a supermarket in the city centre of Leonberg. His customers keep complaining to him that they hardly ever find any available parking spaces. You only want to quickly go to the supermarket after work, but even a second tour of the parking lot produces no success in finding a free parking space. Are the other cars even allowed to be there? And sometimes a vehicle […]
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"20 years ago one of our first debt collection customers was an online shop. We have developed our individual debt collection management with and for online shops. But even in the age of digitalisation, personal contact is still our main focus, in addition to technological development," says ETI experts founder and CEO Ralf Niermann, describing his experiences in the online shop industry. (more…)
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