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Why the outsourcing of administrative everyday business makes sense Companies in every sector must confront market competition on many levels, in particular in customer services. A client who wants to be treated well expects a total service. For example, if a client sees an attractive offer on the company website, they will want to claim it exactly as it is, for themselves. If the provider cannot implement their own offer perfectly, the customer is only one mouse click away from […]
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Plain text is expressly permitted Even collection agencies make an effort when it comes to their image. They do not just work to preserve the image of their customers, for whom they demand outstanding invoices. Collection is demanding from a marketing perspective, and in the wording of dunning notices there is a fine linguistic line between emphasis and politeness. In a pioneering judgement, the German Federal Supreme Court has strengthened collection agencies in their ability to place appropriate pressure on […]
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Fake emails with ETI logo in circulation At the moment there are fake emails in circulation which give the appearance of being from EuroTreuhand Inkasso (ETI). These emails use the ETI logo and at first glance do not seem to be fake. The fake emails call for fictitious payment obligations (known as "phishing"). (more…)
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13th Glückstour: a cycling tour for chimney sweeps The Glückstour: from the 20th to the 26th of June 2018, around 30 chimney sweeps from all over Germany cycled from Düsseldorf to Hamburg for a good cause. Their goal: to collect as many donations as possible. For 13 years, the proceeds from Glückstour initiatives have been donated to help children with cancer and their families. (more…)
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EU General Data Protection Regulation The corporate philosophy at ETI – competent and fair – also applies particularly to the new data protection rules according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ETI has always been competent when it comes to data protection. (more…)
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