Competitive advantage back office

Competitive advantage back office

Why the outsourcing of administrative everyday business makes sense

Companies in every sector must confront market competition on many levels, in particular in customer services. A client who wants to be treated well expects a total service. For example, if a client sees an attractive offer on the company website, they will want to claim it exactly as it is, for themselves. If the provider cannot implement their own offer perfectly, the customer is only one mouse click away from the next provider.

The outsourcing of back office services can give all companies a competitive advantage, regardless of whether it is a small business in the chimney sweep sector or a large online shop.

Why external back office services?

The outsourcing of certain administrative areas needs to be well considered. Which business transactions can a company pas to external hands? Above all, procedures which always take place in the same way and standard processes with high fixed costs could be performed by professional third parties. Once these are implemented in the company, they can be repeatedly processed in the same way and with a high degree of efficiency.

As a collection service provider, ETI offers numerous services in the back office area. Sector specialised employees take care of open claims, operate interface solutions for quick transfers, collect and look after data, operate audit and control procures and deal with the necessary correspondence. Instead of using their own staff for these time consuming tasks, companies can use them in more strategically meaningful areas. All creditor and debtor accounting, including the recall and complaints processes, can be undertaken in the back office.

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Collection as a back office service

Collection services are typical back office processes, in particular of course billing and dunning processes.

  • Company clients and debtors who are in arrears with or have defaulted on their payments or membership contributions are contacted promptly. Professionally trained staff cater to the client in a friendly and delicate way.
  • If no current contact data are available, these can be sought in collaboration with the authorities and credit agencies.
  • The free dunning process consists of several levels which follow on from each other, all of which are based on fairness and transparency.
  • The image of the company is protected in every instance of contact. The individual application of the company’s wordings and its ethical approach to the arbitration and settlement of disputes is always taken into account.
  • Our claim management is standardised and efficient.
  • Cooperation with contracted lawyers and internal data protection officers guarantees legal security and data security.
  • The collection service provider sees itself as the mediator between the company and the client who is obliged to pay. Individual solutions can be negotiated and arranged.
  • Clients should remain clients: so that the business relationship remains intact after a collection procedure, it is advantageous to act in a carefully professional and target-oriented way.


Outsource your back office – reap the benefits

For companies of every size and in every sector there are numerous advantages which arise from the utilisation of a collection service provider.