German, Austrian and Swiss joint congress on technical orthopaedics

On the 15th and 16th of March 2019, ETI will have an information stand at the orthopaedic specialist congress ISPO in Augsburg. It is the first time that the three German-speaking ISPO societies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland have held a congress together.

The subject is the current state of care services in technical orthopaedics. Mobility and physical functionality are high human values and the care of people with restricted mobility is a complex challenge.

“In the care of patients using technical aids, it is particularly important to work together in an interdisciplinary team. Complex care cannot demand simple solutions and the range of options grows with rising know-how and technical developments.” (from the ISPO event flyer)

Sensitivity for collection in the medical sector

Even in sensitive health areas such as this year’s focus: “complex care of the torso, in particular of scoliosis and paraplegic patients” and the “complex care of the foot”, financing and claims management are not marginal issues.

Privately insured patients and direct payers often fall into arrears when settling their treatment bills. Orthopaedic medical practices can also have outstanding accounts that reach five figures. According to information from the doctor’s magazine Deutsches Ärzteblatt, every fifth bill must be dunned at least once.

As a collection service provider, ETI offers collection in the medical sector with the necessary know-how and a high level of sensitivity. As well as medical confidentiality, the existing legal contractual relationship with the private patient and their option to appeal against settlement must be regulated.

Describing ETI’s collection philosophy for the medical sector, CEO Ralf Niermann says: “We see ourselves as mediator between doctor and patient. Debtor’s payment difficulties often lie in temporary personal crises. On the factual level, we try to come to an amicable solution. We discuss possible resources and reserves to see how an outstanding sum can be settled.”

Collection is the link between practice and patient

ETI deploys specially trained professionals for collection in the healthcare sector. They know all about the specific data protection framework in the medical sector and have special communicative abilities for dealing with patients who have got into payment difficulties.

A collection agent can only implement a claim when they are able to understand its factual background. ETI has many years of experience in healthcare and medical services. The realisation of claims for medical fees takes place in close partnership with lawyers and medical advisors.

In its collections in the healthcare sector, ETI strives to connect patients and their medical practices in spite of a situation which is difficult for them. For example, if a private patient is not solvent for several months due to economic constraints, our professional collection can build a bridge. In the interest of the practice, the existing trust is kept when all those involved have mastered the difficult situation together.

We look forward to your visit to our ISPO stand in Augsburg on the 15th/16th March 2019.