PHISHING – ETI warns of fake emails

PHISHING – ETI warns of fake emails

Fake emails with ETI logo in circulation

At the moment there are fake emails in circulation which give the appearance of being from EuroTreuhand Inkasso (ETI). These emails use the ETI logo and at first glance do not seem to be fake. The fake emails call for fictitious payment obligations (known as “phishing”).

No dunning notices by email from ETI

EuroTreuhand Inkasso does not send any payment requests or dunning notices by email. They are always sent by post. ETI clients can therefore be certain that they will always receive dunning notices by letter in the post. In this way, ETI guarantees a serious and trustworthy foundation for the collection procedure.

The fake emails and the misuse of the ETI logo can be recognised through the fact that the address line is incorrect, and generally a bank account abroad is given. Links are offered which have nothing to do with ETI.

Do not click on any links

ETI therefore expressly warns you not to follow any of the links. Do not click on any buttons, text of a different colour, or recognisable links. And above all: do not transfer anything!

ETI cracks down on phishing

ETI takes legal action against the senders of phishing emails, in order to prevent further fake emails from being sent in our name. However, we cannot rule out that further phishing emails with changing addresses are sent. We therefore recommend being particularly careful.

Each phishing email is a little different

Each faked email is a little different:

  • different (invented) collection companies are named as the sender.
  • The addresses of the collection agencies vary.
  • The bank names are different.
  • The types of payment request are different.

Example of a phishing email

The following portrayal of an email is an example of one of the fake emails that contains the ETI logo and incorrect payment and bank information.