Staying financially healthy during the crisis

Staying financially healthy during the crisis

As a debt collection service provider, we have a special responsibility in times of crisis: it is important to us to support our customers – sports clubs, craft businesses, online shops, industrial and commercial enterprises, medical supply stores, medical practices, property managers and parking space managers – in securing their liquidity and livelihood.

However, we also have understanding for debtors who are unable to pay their bills as a result of the Corona crisis. We would like to give them the opportunity to pay their debts at a later date or in installments. In consultation with our clients, our service team takes the personal situation of the debtors into account and offers individual and feasible solutions.

A crisis demands inventiveness

For large and small businesses alike, depending on the industry and economic situation, their #existence may be at stake at the moment. They all depend on the payment of their outstanding invoices. We have encountered some wonderful solutions in our daily work as well as in the media: associations are refraining from collecting their membership fees, industrial companies are expanding their service capacities, customers are increasingly buying from their local suppliers and online service providers are delivering the most critical products first.

Even if many of these solutions were born out of the distress of the crisis, they are a sign of a functioning sense of community. In times such as these, it becomes clear how important it is to find joint solutions.

We at ETI experts offer extended personal solutions

Legally, nothing has changed with the Corona crisis: a sales contract has been concluded, the goods have been delivered and therefore the invoice must be paid. However, we at ETI experts are broadening our horizon: our highest priority is to maximize the use of payment options based on a principle of partnership and equality. Our clients want to keep their customers, even after the crisis.

And we are making our contribution to this:

  • Listening: what is the current situation of our clients? What is the debtor’s situation?
  • Finding a way together: we coordinate our dunning services individually with our clients.
  • Performance: even if it takes longer in a crisis, we recover outstanding receivables with a high success rate.
  • Securing livelihoods: it is important to us to secure livelihoods. For the time after the crisis too.

The optimization of debt collection has never been as important as it is today during the Corona crisis, which is why we are calling out to you, our clients: don’t lose any time and contact us so that we can increase your liquidity. We can do it together.